About Us

J_mila Beauty is an expressive brand established in London to offer a line of affordable, clean and vegan friendly makeup and beauty products for women of all ages and backgrounds. Named after my dear mother Jamila (juh-mee-lah), an Arabic name which means “Beautiful”, as she’s been an exceptional mum and has worked as a Beautician for over 30 years.

As the daughter of a beautician, I spent several hours after school and on weekends at my mum’s beauty salon and admired how her clients always left her seat looking and feeling beautiful after each appointment and that ignited my passion for beauty and makeup. 

I also realised how expensive clean and organic makeup can be (as a makeup lover myself) and thought it would be absolutely amazing to come up with an all natural and ethically sourced beauty line that feels fantastic on the skin whilst being accessible and pocket-friendly, and that was how J_mila Beauty was born.

Our entry-level products include the super hydrating long wear lip gloss in twelve shades, our premium quality faux mink lashes and our ultra-moisturising lip scrub. Our lip scrubs are gentle, non-abrasive and exfoliate at surface-level leaving the lips beautifully and silky smooth. The lip glosses also range from sheer to vibrant shades, with high quality textures and outstanding colours that are complementary and easy to wear for all occasions. Paired up with our faux mink lashes designed with the best premium material for a complete glamourous look.

We care so much about you so we make sure that our products not only look and feel amazing, but are also kind to your skin. We are non-toxic, cruelty-free and strongly ensure that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for any of our products.

We know you will absolutely love our products and you can always reach out to us on: support@jmilabeauty.com