About Us

J_mila Beauty is a London based small beauty brand that launched in December 2021. The idea of starting this venture was birth at a very difficult time of my life when my long term relationship was crumbling. I had a hard time dealing with the neglect and rejection that it began to affect my mental and physical health. There were days and even weeks that I abandoned myself and didn't have the strength to do the things that I loved to do. I lost my self-confidence, my beauty and my gorgeous smile, and was sinking deep in this dark hole of fear, self-doubt and self-pity.

Thankfully, I was supported by my mum, siblings and few friends who constantly reminded me of how valuable and beautiful I am. Their kind words empowered me to rediscover my true self and helped me channel my love to myself and the people who deserve it the most. I started refocusing on the more important things in life such as family, friends and work, and started taking my self-care and mental health seriously.

As a beauty and skincare lover, I would wear lots of lip gloss (due to my dry lips), false lashes and burn some sweet scented candles during my healing period. I gradually became obsessed with these products and decided to learn how to formulate them at my free times as an escape from falling back into my misery. Over time, I fell in love with my own creations and decided to share them with the world.

Today, J_mila Beauty has evolved into a beauty brand that promotes body positivity and self-confidence. Named after my dear mother, Jamila, to show my appreciation for her support during my lowest moments. "Jamila", a name of Arabic origin which means Beautiful, Elegant, or Graceful, and that is my uttermost desire that my products make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL everyday regardless of how chaotic and cruel life can be sometimes. 

Lots of Love,

Rachel xx